Current Audi Models


The A3 is a medium sized family car which was first produced in 1996. The model has been an incredibly popular one since its launch and today there are over 20 different derivatives on the market. There is also a wide range of engines to choose from and several different transmissions.

The A3 is known for its strong reliability and excellent residual values. It has a premium interior and can deliver over 70mpg with its most frugal engine.

The model delivers a smooth driving experience, but is often noted to be a little pricey compared to rivals, while the list of standard equipment provided is nothing to shout about. If you want a bit more in the way of equipment you can go for an upgrade to a new or second hand Audi RS3.

They have, however, recently released the A3 Saloon which seems to be scoring well in its reviews, check out what Auto Express had to say in their review here: A3 Saloon Review.


The R8 is a high-performance supercar which was first released in 2007.

The model is based on the Lamborghini Gallardo platform and is available as either a coupe or a spyder.

The R8 is blisteringly quick, with the GT version able to achieve acceleration of 0-62mph in just 3.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 199mph.

The model delivers poor fuel economy as you might expect and can cost in excess of £100,000. It does however deliver an exceptional driving experience and is beautifully designed.


The Q7 is a large 4×4 which has been in production since 2005.

The model is an incredibly spacious one which delivers an impressive driving experience. Space is not only in abundance throughout the cabin, but also in the boot which can store up to 775 litres

It comes with a premium interior and a generous amount of standard equipment.

The Q7 is fairly pricey however and can cost over £60,000. It does not boast very impressive fuel consumption rates either which is possibly one of the reasons they’ve released the Q3 and Q5. You can pick up a 3 year old Q7 for around £30,000 with as little as 35,000 miles on the clock, or even cheaper if you don’t mind an older model, so it’s worth looking into used cars if you’re considering one. We checked out all the usual sites, etc and found some excellent deals.