Audi Automobile – over the course of this site we will look at history as well as new, lease and used Audi.

Audi is a German automobile manufacturer which was founded in 1909. It was established when August Horch called a business meeting with some of his close friends to come up with a new company name, after being sued by his former partners.

The first Audi car was made established in 1910 as the Type B.

The company delivered the Audi Type K in 1921, the first left-hand drive production car ever.
In 1932 Audi merged with Horch, DKW and Wanderer. From this merge the four interlinked rings which still make up the current Audi badge today were formed.
Dalmier-Benz took a holding stake in the company in 1958, which was increased to 100% the following year.
Volkswagen acquired a 50% holding in 1964.

The Audi 100 was released in 1968.

The company introduced many new technologies and models from the mid-1990s onwards which saw a continued increase in sales and revenue.

Aluminium frames were used, which was new in production cars and helped to reduce the overall weight.

Today the company turns over billions of pounds every year.

After carrying out some research on the current range of Audi models (check out our models page for our favourites or take a look on the audi website here for a full list) I found several sites which offer cheap deals on new vehicles. I also found a great little site for buying used cars that lets you search by where you live, it shows you how far away each of the cars are too. Not to give anything away, yes I live in London, but here’s what I found when I searched for used Audi’s in London.