Used Audi RS Cars

For the past couple of decades Audi have been slowly trying to design and perfect the best sports cars on the market. There have been some misses with the cars they have manufactured however there have been some real big hits too. The RS models are a prime example of the sports cars that have been a little hit and miss within the Audi range.

The Audi RS3 made its UK debut in spring 2011 but you can now only buy a Used Audi RS3 because it was discontinued in 2013. Audi RS3As an RS model should be the RS3 has an impressive engine output that will see you travel 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds. The Audi A3 model was the foundation for the RS3 and from the exterior this is evidently obvious with the same shape but the RS3 just has that mean look about it which makes it so much more attractive than the A3. What Audi did mess up on, in my opinion, is that they didn’t build the RS3 with a manual option which would have made the drive even more fun than it already is. The price from new was also extremely high and even now, as a used model, you will be lucky to get much change from £30,000.

The RS4 is no longer available as a saloon model so you will only be able to own the saloon when you buy a Used Audi RS4. The RS4 is only available as an estate car now because it has been discontinued to make way for the equally stunning Audi RS5. Audi has built up a reputation of providing some of the highest quality interiors and if this is a big factor in your decision, when looking at a used car, then the RS4 will not disappoint. The seats provide fantastic support and comfort making it a really attractive model for long distance commuters.

Just as with the Audi RS3 the second hand Audi RS5 is not available as a manual, potentially putting off some of the driving enthusiasts. This model does however provide you with a powerful performance and the sound of its V8 engine alone should be enough to get the enthusiasts excited. The handling and traction of this model is brilliant mainly because it comes with the Quattro all-wheel drive. You will notice how well the car grips to the road, even on slippery roads. It is a very expensive car to run, the fuel consumption will be relatively high and the insurance and tax will be pretty steep too. A positive with the costs is that second hand prices are still pretty high, so even selling a Used Audi RS5 should result in you retaining the majority of the price you paid.

Another model under the RS models is the Audi RS6. The RS6 looks very similar to Audi’s standard A6 Avant however under the bonnet is where the big step up takes place. Essentially this model is aimed at people who are looking for a high performance car that still has the practical element of a family involved. On paper it just sounds like it should not work however somehow Audi have managed to pull it off and the result is one hell of an estate, however all of this is reflected in the cost. With a starting price of roughly £76,000 there is not many people who will be able to afford this model, even if it was a Used Audi RS6, so it does seem to be aimed at the upper class but if you ever get the chance to drive the RS6 then do not turn it down because it is brilliant.

Audi TTRSThe final Audi RS model I will mention is the Audi TTRS. The RS is an upgrade of the Audi TT and has been turned into a mini supercar, mainly down to a turbocharged five-cylinder engine. It has a real sporty look to it while still maintaining the original character of the Audi TT. One benefit that puts the TTRS ahead of Audi’s rivals is that you can buy this as a coupe, roadster or a convertible, something which isn’t available with the similarly priced Porsche Cayman or Toyota GT86. However the RS is easily the most expensive Audi TT to date so a word of warning that this model presents the biggest threat of its residual value declining.