Used Audi Cars

Over the past few decades one of the most popular manufacturers in the UK car market has been Audi, especially the used car market. You can put this down to Audi being well respected in the UK due to the reliability of their cars. Audi have been improving their models consistently since entering the UK car market resulting in their cars becoming renowned for their durability. It means their cars are having very few problems, even when the miles are being built up and it has therefore increased their popularity in the used car market.
If you’re searching the used car market for an Audi here are a few of the models you may want to take a look at.

Audi A1 – The Audi A1 is a sophisticated, stylish and chic model. It has been built to compete against the extremely popular MINI and Citroen DS3. The Audi A1 is the smallest and cheapest model available under Audi with a starting price form new of roughly £14,000. It does have a high class interior and oozes a quality that will leave you feeling good about yourself. If you were to buy a Used Audi A1 you can probably pick one up around the £9,000 mark.

Audi A2Audi A2 – If the A1 is too small for you and the A3 is too much of a leapfrog in price then it would be worth taking a look at the Audi A2. It can be quite difficult to find the kind of quality that Audi is renowned for in small cars such as the A2 however Audi seemed to have achieved that with this model. The attention to detail on the interior makes you feel you are sitting in one of Audi’s higher end models. It has received a good crash safety rating however any bodywork repair can be costly so, if you’re looking for a little run around car, be sure to bear this in mind when purchasing a Used Audi A2. One final benefit I must mention is that it features a cabin that it suitable for 2 rear passengers however 3 passengers may be a bit of a squeeze.

Audi A3 – The Audi A3 is probably one of the most popular and instantly recognisable Audi models in the UK. One major factor I believe is because this model loses its value relatively slowly, so picking up a Used Audi A3 has become the go to car amongst young people. As with looking at any used car the real proof of how good it is simply comes from driving it yourself and seeing how it feels. The Audi A3 contains a high level of standard equipment and with this alongside a high quality finish the A3 is one premium hatchback you should really take into consideration when looking for your next car.

Audi A4 – Audi has become synonymous with a high quality interior and an aesthetically pleasing exterior, something the Audi A4 lives upto. It also provides a cabin with plenty of space to comfortably seat 5 people. Now you will find that most of the versions of this model are distinguished long-distance haulers and the comfort has been a big priority. This model has been aimed at people who spend a long time commuting so if you are a long-distance commuter yourself this model is definitely a car to take into consideration. With such a high quality model the costing is obviously reflected by this, with a starting price from roughly £23,000. Audi A4If this price range is too much for you then there is the option to take a look at a Used Audi A4, especially with Audi being so highly respected for their reliability and strong performance credentials. One thing to point out is there has been problems with the air con but when buying a used model the previous owner could have had this repaired under their warranty. It would be worth asking them when looking around just for your own peace of mind.